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Trademark is the distinctive sign to distinguish on the market products and services of one person or company and gives to the owner the exclusive right to use for business purposes.

Our Firm offers following services:

  • Applications submission of Spanish Trademarks before the OEPM.
  • Response to Office actions or Observations on applications proceedings.
  • Notice of new applications or trade names, which can affect our client interests to prepare the opposition response, through searching the Spanish Gazette of Industrial Property, EU and International Trademarks.
  • Appeal proceedings against grants or trademarks refusal.
  • Records maintenance, watching, and records renewal.

Our firm covers the registration and trademarks watching (for Spanish, European and international).

Before the application, we advice and search on the registers to know the registration succeed possibilities.

On the other hand, our firm has industrial property agents and skilled lawyers on IP law which can advice you on any technical or legal issue regarding your trademarks.


Spanish Trademarks


Trademark in Spain give protection to products and goods to distinguish them throughout national territory.

Duration of a trademark registration in Spain is in force 10 years (from the application date).

OHIM Trademarks

The OHIM Trademark takes the advantage of offer a valid registration for the 27 countries of the European Union though an unique registration proceeding. The OHIM trademark registration is fulfilled behalf the Office for Harmonization in the Internal market (OHIM) based in Alicante (Spain).

A OHIM registration is given for a ten years period from the date of application.

International Trademarks

Application of an international trademark gives to the applicant the possibility of register the trademark in all those countries which begin to the Madrid Protocol. It must be done over a national or OHIM trademark base, the main advantage is that it is enough to submit once instead of submit such applications as designated countries.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) based in Geneva, is responsible for sending the trademark application to the designated countries, and each country will separately decide if grants or not the trademark according to its national law.

Duration of an international trademark is ten years from date of application.

List of countries belonging to Madrid Protocol is on